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FREE 30 minute private test lesson! Contact us using the contact form at the top of this page! Learn English on Skype or Google Hangouts with native English speakers. Build English speaking, writing, listening and reading skills in private English classes or group lessons. Learning English online with Linguapractica is usually much cheaper and more flexible than studying in a traditional offline school. Register today for just 1 Euro to test some of our features!

Ongoing human support using modern learning tools

We believe that the key to improving English is to combine modern, innovative learning tools with the ongoing support of a friendly, supportive and experienced native English teacher. We can offer you all of that here.

"I learned English by reading books and listening podcasts but I didn't have any speaking practice so it was hard for me to speak. Then I started taking online English Skype lessons and learned a lot of useful things such as popular expressions and new words. After a few weeks of lessons I speak more fluently and feel more confident while speaking English. All online English lessons are very interesting and I had a lot of fun talking with my native English teacher."
Oleg, Moscow