About Us

Learn English Online - Our Mission

To expose each language learner to the English language in a practical and contextual way across a range of convenient methods in order to encourage the continual application of English, to grow personally, academically and professionally by helping people to learn English on Skype in private online English lessons, group classes or in virtual reality.

How We Do This

We are more than just a website offering online language tuition and study tools.  We are a place where people can combine the respected traditional methods of education such as experienced, native speaking experts in English with innovative technology to maximise the value and efficiency in how people learn a language.   

Our Specialised, Native English Speaking Teachers

We have teachers (and content!) to meet your needs.  If you are looking for specific help with your English, such as for a job interview or to get that promotion you've always wanted then you'll want to speak with one of our specialist English teachers.  We offer specialist English lessons and training content for a range of areas:

English Training for Companies / Businesses:  Are you a small business owner?  Maybe you own a medium-sized business or work as part of a large enterprise.  In that case, Linguapractica can setup a unique user area for your company that is private only for your employees.  We can create logins and centralise all your employees' English study so that we can build reading, writing, listening and speaking skills with your personal native English teacher. We have flashcards to help build your employee's vocabulary which will help them in the work and can create a unique learning plan for your business.  We are currently working with Moscow-based DigitalHR, an IT and digital recruitment specialist, and you can read more about our case study with them here regarding their online English training for businesses:

Human Resources (HR) and Recruitment.  We have specialised English teachers who have real-life, practical working experience in English speaking countries in Human Resources and Recruitment.  For this reason they are able to comfortably help you with a creation of a CV or cover letter or even help you prepare high quality answers to the important interview questions.  

Learn English in Virtual Reality:  The best way to learn English is to be in a native English speaking country.  For most people that isn't possible so we have recently launched LinguapracticaVR, enabling you to learn English in virtual reality using just your smartphone and our LinguapracticaVR headset.  Visit LinguapracticaVR for more information and to get your FREE VR tour of the English speaking world to build natural pronunciation, speaking and vocabulary.

Aviation English.  We have teachers who will be able to help you with the ICAO exam or even prepare you for the interview with your chosen airline.  We have produced an in-depth training course for pilots who are looking to work for airlines and you can sign-up for a free video as part of this course by visiting our Master Your Interview - English for Pilots training area.  We also have a strategic partnership with a Brazilian based pilot training consultancy with whom we have created a unique e-learning course to help pilots prepare for English speaking interviews.  

English for children.  We have some very experienced teachers who are able to help your child with their English learning.  Get in touch with us now  to find out more.

Our Commitment to Providing a Highly Tailored Education

Everybody has objectives.  We strive to move away from the "one glove fits all" approach here and look to fully understand why you're learning and how you like to learn.  From that, we try as much as possible to tailor our exercises and courses to your specific needs so that you can build your English skills in a relevant context to your future objectives.  Be those career, study or personal, you can be safe in the knowledge that we care about your development and want to be part of your journey towards language fluency.